Monday, September 8, 2014

Mathematics V/S Art and Imagination in life

Well everyone knows what is Mathematics, imagination and life is but I must give a little definition before I start. I am going to give definitions because the meaning is different with different topics.

Life in general is the duration between we were born and we die but that's not what I am going to talk about. I am going to talk about the duration of life, how we lived it was it successful or worthy enough?, Was it lived with pure calculation (mathematics) or Imagination (Artistic way)?

Mathematics is basically a subject of our life when we talk about numbers (I am not just talking about money).

Imagination is an activity of our mind to create things or to solve our life problems it may or may not involve Mathematics.
There are different ways people live their life, I am giving 4 to 5 known examples here.
People with good Mathematical life are specific about numbers,they have Intelligence, knowledge and never forget things.
There are people out of this categories They do not use calculation nor the imagination. There are many examples on the streets.
People with Imaginative life, For example most of the Artist, Painters Abstract painters, they don't calculate they don't care about the calculation. Calculation does not inspire them. They always look for inspiration if they don't find they keep moving. van gogh, MF Husain, Singers who did sing very less songs but we are never going to forget them.The culture about this people is that they believe in creating what they see in there infinite mind, and yes their personality is impossible to understand even though they are pretty simple. The actual fact is that they are always in Illusion.
People combination of Mathematics and Imagination, This people are pure genius they made our life so easy - so easy. We can't live a single second without the help of their creations. Example Steve Jobs, Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg. Thomas Edison.

I have already given examples now I will give few notes here.
In life if you calculate properly with 100% accuracy there is no chance of failure, Life is a calculation of Probability. By always making examples of what you could do if this fails gives you an opportunity to never fail. The fact is very less people see that possibility.
Even a person of less intelligence can be a very good artist, Artistic vision require good imagination not calculation. Paintings are pure example of Artistic visions.
Even in game of chess there is 100% chance of winning all the time if you have counted the extreme level of steps winning will happen. The winning always depends on the player's memory of steps and intelligence what steps he uses when.
An artist may or may not be inspired of intelligence but he is always inspired of deep hidden beauty even an Intelligent mind cannot see.
An intelligence or Mathematical person look at things in Geometrical defined shape.
Artists discover new shapes and forget it later on. There are no definition of an Artistic shapes, it is fluid in nature like water.

Thanks for Reading I know this is not the start or the end of thought but I will keep writing.