Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Honest and Effective Marketing

5 ways to do Honest and effective marketing 

  1. RPC: means Right person contact, The very first best to do effective marketing is make a list of Right person data, If you have it, You will do wonders wit. RPC Data have been proved to give 95% of leads.
  2. No No-Interested customers: Believe me running behind No interested customer always lead to No deal, Or a failed business. Never try to sale a no-interested customer, Just skip it.
  3. No Need-customers: These are list of those customer  who do not need it, but still they will show interest Ask honestly do they need it. It sounds crazy at first, but at the end, These customers always try to find an excuse for not going for the deal.
  4. Do-Not Oversale: These days what I see is all lies, hidden charges, Be honest with your customer tell me everything about the plan, Tell him all the hidden fee it there is upfront. This leads to a very comfortable business. Customers will appreciate your service always.
  5. Make relation: Making good relation with a customer will always give you good reference, if someone in need. Marketing is never about One project or one Jobs, It is all about relations.Sometimes your old customers can lead you the entrepreneurship. 

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