Saturday, May 17, 2014

Message to PM of India

First of all I congratulate you for being our New PM, and leader of this country,

Here is my messages and Issues I face as being a Mango man. Looking forward for a great nation ahead.

Prime Minister should be devoted to Country and it's citizens (India and Indians), not to a particular Caste, religion, or state.

India is culture of diversity that is what makes it strong. Hindu and Muslim should be seen as brothers and sisters and friends.

First of all they shouldn't be seen as A Hindu or a Muslim, or anything, Let them be any caste, religion they should be seen as Indians.

Let me be from any state like Bihar or UP, and living any where in India, I should be treated as Indian, Not Like Bhaiya or something. which is poorly famous in Maharashtra or Gujrat.

He should see equality in both rich and poor, If a rich guy has right to Meet PM.
A poor or a middle class too should be able reach out to speak.

He must care about the Natural resources, Then equipment Chemical industries which will harm the natural resources of India, Many countries are harming the Natural resources on the name of new jobs in Industrial sectors but the common people end up eating GMO foods.

They should listen to social organization and help them keep balance of Nature like Greenpeace India

I and we should be able to see India as a grown country with Technology, but I still believe farming is the back bone of India. India has been king for providing Natural Food resources, Let's not destroy that.

The first duty of being New prime ministers has to be Looking after Mango people's problems with increasing cheat from Consumer product owners.

What I mean to say by that is Consumer court on internet shouldn't be a joke anymore, It should be effective. So the next time any product company is in fault should be thrown out of India.

Service taxes are suppose to be 12.36 % and that we agree to pay. but government does not look out of consumer companies who are charging more then that from us and Giving 12.36% only to the government.

We should not be cheated by any false comments.

More to say, but this for now.
Thanks for Reading
Ranjan Pathak

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