Friday, December 28, 2012

Let's stop inhumanity!

Change you thoughts! today. Give your ideas.

It's not government, It's not about police, It's not about nation or cast.. It's about the thoughts and bringing the change around ourselves.

Hereby I am presenting my thoughts for the current issue after hearing the sad news of The girl died today. By acknowledging that If I don't speaking today, I would blame myself whole life.

Emotionally blind

First of all the people who they do such things are emotionally blind whoever they are, wherever they are from. They don't have pain for others. It's a kind of disease only.
They know to fight but they never want to learn and listen to you. They do it, What they feel about I have really no Idea, They just can't control.. There are two kinds of people.

1. These people are totally damaged and do such things.
2. These people are intelligent but Stubborn. They hate when people try to teach them they don't like to learn.
So for us there is no benefit of fighting over it with each other that who should learn what.

And also instead fighting and doing some harm to others because of this incident,, there is no use.

What we can do?
Hire a large number of physiological Doctors in groups in every corner of the word.
and Find these Damaged people. Train them or either keep them in a cage.

So, If any of us see any kind of such people around we should report or try to help. and let's use technology for it.

and Let that guy be anyone into your relation, or maybe yourself.. Consult the doctors fast... Or wait for this kind of incidents.
Note:- This statement is not to harm any religious and anyone's thought. If it does any how, I sincerely have an apology.


  1. Nooooo Ranjan Noooo we cant find them :( till ten 1000 more will be raped there should be a fast step like cutting them on d spot by public or shooting them by our goverment or Death to stone or esa kuch b wwe cant find them all