Thursday, October 18, 2012

Smile of a beautiful butterfly!

The smile of a beautiful butterfly, took me away in the sky...
from then I am always in the moment to live, never in the moment to die...

I waited, roamed around and sat some time looking for the same smile..
Walked to search for that smile.. which could even awake my heart from a far distant!

I saw a beautiful butterfly flying towards me, with cold of lake in her eyes...
It was the moment to fly, it just looked the moment to catch the sky....

I tried not to catch her but to fly with her! she was as beautiful as blinking stars..
her magical eyes let the sun rise.. even the fragrance of air took her advice..

She looked like she has a never ending smile..and she is here to make me happy..
I didn't want the day to end,,, and my happy moment to go away..
I felt like I couldn’t live without this smile, there is no way..

Now she said, she has to go away.. so, she could spread the happiness everywhere..
But she made a promise to my heart! With a deep and fastest dart.
whenever I feel I have less true happiness, Her magic will stay with me there!