Saturday, August 25, 2012

The home at Wonderland!

Home at Wonderland

The home at wonderland..

I sketched it before I had a story to tell about this sketch...

But, the story came up when I went to tell my mother about the sketch.

At first it wondered me that how she would understand what I made. She is not with me she lives 1700km away from me in different place. She does not even have an Internet connection and not even a smart phone.

I started describing the sketch that I made a sketch of home which is surrounded by mountains and in-between the lake and very clean and still water. There is a boat with this beautiful house. 

She asked who would live there at this place? where he cannot all the time go out. I said a person who is more found of peace and very much into painting.

She said OK, So he wont hear any kind of sound he would really have very nice and   peaceful place. I said no he would hear the sound of still water and birds roaming around. 

The next thing I talked about is what he would really have to live with or without. He will not have electricity, but he will have light from moon and some times he can also light candles. For food and other stuff he might will have to go out once in while by boat to the land then Kilometres to the villages market to get stuff. She asked again, What he will be doing most of times? I said most of times he would be painting from his thoughts... Then I wondered without having the experience from real life how can you be able to imagine? but again a blink of thought came in saying he must would have spent some part of his life in crowd now he just wants to paint the life.

But certainly now he made this house with the purpose of spending his life into painting and thinking outward. 

After hearing the story she said she loves more heart said my mother is the only person who has big heart for all my little stories..

Some time It doesn't much matter of technology and even a picture does not matter for a good story. What you should have is good heart and place in your that heart for sweet stories you will surly create beautiful pictures in your imaginative soul.

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