Sunday, August 19, 2012

The column from my life!

There was once in my earlier agency I used to work. The brand manager kept an induction of a different kind since she was not a normal lady she is extraordinary... So, on this induction you dint have to just talk about Name, family and hobbies.... here the thing was different. Here you had to choose the favourite part of you body and had to say why it is your favourite?...

At that point of time I
was not quite confident to speak in front of everyone on those kind of situations I generally used to scribble fast while any one else is speaking..

It used to give me thinking and confidence about what I want to speak about. So, this was my turn and I had decided to talk about my eyes..

I said my eyes are my favourite part of my body... I observe things all the time with my eyes and it helps me while creating some art...

It capture the pictures and videos and send the information to mind and I always have good and bad memories of time and travel.. and I remember and use them whenever I want..

I remember this words I said because when I see this guy who is memory sketch artist Stephen Wiltshire he generally does the same I said before. He captures the whole video in his eyes and stores in the brain and latter make a sketch of it...

I also experienced art is all about observation of your whole life the more you observe the more you create because... You create sketches in your brain whole life then you make it real some day.. not everyone does.. but the people who they do they use this talent, they really get appreciated.

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