Sunday, May 13, 2012

Thoughts v/s Imagination

Once the scientist Einstein said
Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

Are those random elements which keeps surrounding you all the time day, night, some time they don't have to do anything with reality sometime they have to. Being thoughtful does not mean anything, it just means that your brain is full of random elements which are uncontrollable. 

As per my observation, I did research on my brain for thoughts and noted them down, found out every second of the day, I had random thoughts most of them were not something, could become reality. I had two kinds of days one very destructive and other filled with energy and concentration.

Destructive days were the result of all day thinking randomly. All your mental power and thoughts are controlled by your body.If your body is weak it causes your brain to be uncontrollable and produce the negative unproductive result by random thoughts.

These random thoughts only can be controlled by your strong habits, rules, working out, and listing your work and imagining things. The most effective seen fact, When I ran in the morning, did sketching my thoughts were in control and I had positive days ahead, and So I had imagination instead of having thoughts. and Imaginations are never random, and believe me, Imaginations are those activity in your brain they don't go away from your brain unless tried hard or put in into an action. 

All those people who were successful they were not bounded by random thoughts they always did put their imagination into an action;

As said earlier Imaginations are those activity in your brain they don't go away from your brain unless tried hard or put in into an action. 

It's really worth reading and writing this one. First of all it's a very strong word and concept of your brain which leads people and it controls the time. 

Let's have an example from my real life. When I was 16 was going through big pain common family and financial problems, So one day I sat in peace and Imagined that the situation I am in now that shouldn't be there with my next generation and wrote it somewhere, and I say "That was my imagination not a random thought" I realize it today when I see impossible things happening around me.

So, Imagination is also your true good friend which makes you stand all the time in all the situations of life and shows you the place where you belong to. 

"Thinking hard will never let you set your goal and reach there, but Imagination will" 
"It all starts with the problems, and ends with your imagination"
"Read and write, It's the best practice to increase your Imagination"

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