Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quotes from my life! - Part 1

Here I am going to speak about my experiences in Life with the world in the form of Phrases and quotes!

"You don't need to be beautiful to stay happy, you need to smile"

"Thinking hard will never let you set your goals and reach there, but Imagination will"

" Imaginations are those activity in your brain they don't go away from your brain unless tried hard or put in into an action"

"If you haven't got it, You have not tried for it, (Actually there is no word like trying, If you want to get something get in the flow to get that something, and you will get it)"

"People think, I don't, I imagine, people dream while sleeping, I don't, I day dream with open eyes"

"If I spend 60% of my time in executing my ideas I may reach the equal wealth" of Bill Clinton , In next 5 years of time "

"I don't promise so easily, because I try to make them happen all time when I do make"

"God has a #magicalbox for every one! and he sends 'beautiful imaginations' to everyone, some people grab it some don't"

"I only be most happy wen i sleep on the grasss and look at the moon and say nothing just think of the moon and its light"

"Don`t blame god for everything. take ownership of what you do"

"All of the people they know you wud say you have lost your mind, (when you will speak truth)"

"We get two kinds of thought or imagination, random or created by our soul, thoughts created by our soul latter can be proved to be our path"

"An imagination never comes through blinking of your eyes It comes after, you close your eyes #pursuteofImagination"

"When I assume that I am out of thought I Walk and pursue the thoughts by walking"

"If I cannot be taught by any teacher and in any school then I must pursue the learning! #Athought"

"Nobody ever were able to stop me from learning things I tried and learnt "

"One day you sleep and you dont wake up and, in the dream, in the sleep someone tells u the world u just left was imaginary"
"My written imaginary poems becomes reality sometime in my own life!"

"I may not have Great Ideas but my ideas make many small changes"

"Lover everything, Hate nothing, Love will change your enemy to a friend, and hate will change your friend to an enemy"

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