Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quotes from my life! - Part 2

There is only one way for getting success in life
"Just do what you Love or Love what you do"

"creating fortune had never been easy, you just had to start"

" Unfulfilled promises leads to unfulfilled desires "

"You desire has power to drive you crazy and fly you wherever it want"

"All writers are true by heart and imaginary by thoughts "

"The ideas you get, they never be perfect it gets perfection while on execution"

"The thought never left u alone, could be your best idea and may change your fortune "

"Some dreams in night are so strong they, don't allow u to wake up"

"Design is a journey from ugliness to beauty"

"I see beautiful dreams at night and try to make them real at day time"


  1. Thanks for sharing your Words of wisdom & opening up your heart & mind to us. I like to write quotes also, based on my experiences & lessons learned. One thing I will add to your quote is that "sometimes there is beauty to be found even in just may have to look at it in a new way or from a different perspective"

  2. thanks for the comment I appreciate it