Sunday, April 1, 2012

What should be the topic?

I wake up in the morning go for the running
I think about you, want to talk to you...then

I say, what should be the topic? 

Lost all day, laughing, thinking and serious some time...
Boss wakes me up,,, meeting in an hour....are you ready.?.

I say, what should be the topic? 

Friends calling, lets party tonight dancing drunk...
one sweet girl comes over, please sing a poem for me.....

Heart says, What should be the topic? 

slept deep in the dream, took your cute dog for a walk,,,
Wrote one sweet poem for you while you smiled at me and you playing with that cute dogSung that poem to you twice.....
you said write one more, one more, one more,,, one more.....

Again the  heart  says, what should be the topic?

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