Sunday, March 25, 2012

Stand or Quit

The very first questions arose in my brain, Why should I quit this Job if I was fulfilling my responsibilities? 

  1. Because I find my way to home after I am done with my work? and don't want to stay at office until my boss does?
  2. Or Was I poking someone's eyes? being self driven and freedom lover? 
  3. Or I din't listen some of things?, Which actually meant nothing to me and waste of time.
  4. Or Was I behaving good? 
  5. Or Did I refuse to do some peon work? Which I am not suppose to do?
  6. Or I did not accept the cage created for everyone?

What would you do If you are asked to leave your job? and you are not suppose to ask why? If you do so, you have fear of getting your career screwed.

  1. You would just skip the catch and put your paper?
  2. You would stand and ask why?
  3. You would cry?
  4. You would worship your boss?
  5. and You would stand with all your work you did, and will ask for justification. 
At one day at the same situation I asked myself what is the real happiness for me, Is it the money? Is it the success? I heard a sound from inside my soul. I would really be happy the day I would learn to stand for my truth. The day I would perform my responsibility and will leave workplace with gratitude. The day I won't have cage at my work place, and I would be able to show the power of freedom and self-driven confidence.

When asked from anyone that, can I justify my work with the organization? and I will come with more then 100 samples of my work which were self-driven even in worst situation and say Yes I can start counting, and then no-one really has right to ask me or anyone to quit.

Today's two problems 

an employee..!

In today's hardcore work life, for an employee of any organization there is this big fear of getting his or her career screwed. by boss or by any senior. So, what they do? they work late then too they don't deliver because working late and working in a cage will never be a solution of a problem and solution for a task. and they end with non performance. Even though some of the employees working smartly fulfilling the demand of boss, not what is actually required they get screwed because of being good. So, What is the thing is really helpful to prove yourself?

Read the whole story you might find the solution.