Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thinking Good and Thinking Bad

Thinking Good and Thinking Bad

A small theory came to my mind from the experience of my life and others.
Here I want to define that How a good thinking process and your imagination can take you to a higher dimension of your life..?
Since No one wants worries in their life but they do not stop thinking why the have worries and sorrows in their life and though they never try to understand how to get rid out of that instead they get more worries.
According to a philosophy and a seen fact and say it experience,,, All good things, Success, Money, Worries & sorrows comes out of our thinking and the imaginary world create out of thinking.
Thinking as very wide subject like computer can't be defined in single day but little words.
Any human on this earth with common brain has power to create imaginary world in their brain and We call it thinking.
Every single thinking of a bit second of your life has purpose with real fact and will have purpose with real fact. It is like how hard and how concentrated you are nd how clear your imaginary world was while you were thinking.
As said there is one spiritual power which is undefined scientifically, because of that we are alive, is our soul. There is one more imaginary and new, in terms of knowledge and study. A super powerful brain with multi talent to create more then one world inside in it is thinking.
Let's just see how thinking affects on our real life.
So, its like you have done many bad things with many people who they have very strong brain and they can create an imaginary world in their brain and in that world they kill you every day.

So, it will actually affect you life. you might find yourself in hell one day.
So, its that these people don't have to really come with a gun and shoot you dead they can just do it sitting at home and thinking something very bad about you.
Creating enemies is something like you are becoming your own enemy. So, think before you create one powerful thinker enemy in your life.
and Sometime you are just your own enemy because you sick body don't have control on your brain. Your brain is full of fears, worries and sorrows, and you kill yourself in your imaginary world and that is more powerful enemy of you life for that you don't really need to create an enemy, you just have things bad stuff about yourself and then open the door for hell.
And even your loved one and family gets worries, so much of worries about you and they create an imaginary world in their brain and they imagine that you are getting killed, so they themselves don't know that they are actually creating hell for you.
Quite Opposite, If you, Your family and loved one think every second something very good about you and about life that too has affect on real life that attracts success, money and happiness in life.
so even your enemy is jealous of you and think that you are getting this award, that is good luck for you.
So , Its all about thinking good about everything you want and imagine every second of life in a good place and there you go at good place.

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