Monday, January 2, 2012

Being Designer

Being a Graphic Designer is different!

Saying that I want to become a Graphic Designer is always been something else then being normal. When it comes to be a Creative Employee of a Creative Agency then you are no normal human being. I mean whole bunch of people say they are creative and they say they think out of box but do they think? they have random thinking instead of having quick thinking or thinking when needed.
Thoughts are not like rain for everyone but everyone has random thoughts random thoughts are quite common in everybody but a Graphic Designer is what best example of Raining Thoughts. The term Creative comes when a normal Human being tries to expand his limitation and cross the limit of his daily habit and find himself playing with his brain and thoughts each and every second of his life.
So, when you think again that, are you trying hard for a Design? then, when you get stuck somewhere its better increase your skill for quick thinking and keep practicing on that the more you become quick thinker more the results would be and successful work you would have and the best think in this world is appreciation. Appreciation gives confidence and takes a person into higher dimension so, when one of your Graphic Designer is not able to give you best don't shake him out, He needs your appreciation. Give me him appreciation for some of his good work with you remind him of his good works that is the best way of increasing productivity in one Creative Design Agency.
How to Design? Will it work?
Soon the world is going to be of Freelance Artists and Designers...!
Forget it, If you are trying to make your boss happy..! Its quite impossible at some places your boss always has ego and he wants to say that Do what I say? This is you, who take out nice out of creepy. But the end the day design is not yours.
Coming to the main point how it is different while being a Graphic Designer. Yes, It is, because a Graphic Designer gets trained to think quick and more innovative then a normal human being.
The field is never competitive because Its the place for brain & Imagination and not much people really like to do that. Also many time accepting Criticism would never be easy for all. So, not easy to say that you want to become Graphic Designer before you say this think of the task and situations you got to face ahead.
Design is Passion
Being Graphic Designer is not really mean just earning money It also says earning money the way you want and with your passion. The passion is not really a common word not everybody has it. Passion is what makes you feel proud but doesn't give you much of ego. Getting fulled with ego is not really a passion believe me. You really got to evaluate the difference because one of them will take you to higher dimension and one of them lower.

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  1. After the fifth run-on sentence I through my hands up in exasperation. I sincerely hope you don't write copy.