Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pursuit of freedom & happiness

Happiness is not just when you laugh,
It's the face of the moment,
when crossing all the blocks of life and going through all the pains.
finally we reach a place, and a time where with a drop of tear,
We pursue the most powerful unknown desires of life.

It was soft music I could here while walking on the lane, with the desire to pursue the happy moments of life.

At one day sitting by the sea face with no fun just taking self promises, that I would come back here one day with great smile, I said it all loud at Marin drive. The day came up I was sitting at Marine Drive with friends was having fun and was enjoying the moment and then I remembered that this was my self-promise. Ohh felt happy and had little smile, no big loud smile instead a thoughtful smile.

I got myself smiling most of the times while coming out of Interviews and getting the desired job --

but First Job is what is to be said. So, I was doing night shifts to stay back in Mumbai So I could find a job. it was being Hard I have been out of Uncle's Home or I could be sent home back If could have tried to stay with them. At that time I had given almost 100 interviews and had got rejected but still had courage to go ahead. Knew that my English is bad I asked a resident for some A 4 papers and wrote down my introduction so I could speak in-front of the Interviewer(for Intro round for a call centre). So I practised for a week and saw this appointment advertisement on Mumbai Mirror and went for an Interview and my confidence was firing. As I was sitting out at the reception for the Intro round for a domestic call centre and believe, I had never felt like that before, I really had no fear just knew this is my chance, So my turn came up and as this girl (Interviewer) asked for my Intro I started and din't stop until I said almost everything I had written.  My having good remembering skill helped me at this time. So, I had crossed my first round and was sent for Final round directly to the company at Jogeshwari and there too I was prepared and guess what I came out with offer letter and my face said I got my first Job here.

 At this time, din't have tear yet in my eyes but a confidence instead.

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